Evidence: It's okay to show up with receipts

Ask/demand/request EVIDENCE!!! Stop wasting resources, folks time and stunting growth.

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2024's Astrological Push for Authenticity and Integrity

Buckle up, buttercups! 2024 is gearing up to be a year of truth bombs and reality checks, all thanks to some potent astrological alignments. So, ditch the masks and fake it till you make it mentality, because authenticity and integrity are taking center stage.

Here's why:

Saturn's Steady Hand: The stern taskmaster, Saturn, spends most of the year in Pisces, the realm of intuition and empathy. This translates to a strong desire for genuineness and a heightened awareness of inauthenticity. We'll be drawn to individuals who walk their talk and repelled by those who don't.

Uranus's Electric Jolt: The rebel Uranus shakes things up in Taurus, the sign of stability and security. This creates a tension between the desire for comfort and the urge to break free from outdated structures. Expect a push to challenge the status quo and embrace authenticity, even if it means rocking the boat.

The Eclipses' Spotlight: The year is sprinkled with eclipses, cosmic events known for bringing clarity and change. These eclipses will illuminate hidden truths and push us to confront facades. It's time to shed the skin that no longer fits and step into our authentic selves.

The Power of Evidence: With Mercury, the planet of communication, spending a significant amount of time in Virgo, the analytical sign, logic and facts will be king. Empty promises and unsubstantiated claims won't fly. We'll crave evidence and data to back up our words and actions.

So, how can you navigate this year of authenticity and integrity?

  • Be honest with yourself and others. Embrace your true self, flaws and all. Authenticity is attractive!

  • Walk your talk. Live by your values and take action that aligns with your beliefs.

  • Seek truth and evidence. Don't blindly accept information; ask questions and do your research.

  • Challenge the status quo. Speak up against injustice and advocate for what you believe in.

  • Be open to change. Embrace the transformative energy of the year and allow yourself to evolve.

Remember, authenticity and integrity are not just buzzwords; they are the foundation for building trust, fostering meaningful connections, and creating a more just world. So, let 2024 be the year you shed the masks, embrace your truth, and shine your authentic light!