Catalyst, Courtney Crosslin: Reviews and Testimonials

Just a Few of Many More

"Since our reading I have booked 1 1/2 months of clients in less than two weeks. I finally feel like I have the business that I desired when I began this journey and IN LESS TIME than I had ever done it. I feel like my success, the real kind, where I have time for myself and to prioritize my family and personal life is here NOW. Oh, the money is great too.

I’m totally floored by how quickly you pin pointed exactly where I was blocked and how easy it was to get back into alignment. It was easy and the results were damn near instantaneous. You put all those instagram Psychic’s to shame, you are the real deal and worth your weight in gold. Anyone is lucky to receive the gifts that you naturally have!!

Seriously, can’t sing your praises higher. Thank you so much!

…….that is my testimonial, but seriously Courtney. My life has been flipped upside down in the best way. I can’t talk you enough." ~ Astrologer, Kacy Danae

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